Trine (and Trine 2) - First Impressions

December 2, 2013

Here I was thinking I’d play Trine as my Gaming Heartily selection for the month of December, but it was so excellent I finished it in one weekend and moved on to Trine 2...before December ever had a chance to start. So here I am playing both Trine and Trine 2 as my Gaming Heartily selections for the month of December.

Trine and Trine 2 are fantasy action games that challenge the player to beat hazardous puzzles and enemies by creating and using physics-based objects and abilities. Trine begins with the three main characters of both games; Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the thief, being bound together by a mysterious device (coincidentally called the Trine). You can choose whichever character is best suited for the current challenge or puzzle at any time during gameplay. Zoya is my favorite character to use and I always find myself switching to her the majority of the time. She’s light on her feet, able to grapple onto wooden surfaces and deal ranged weapon damage. Amadeus and Pontius each have unique and useful abilities too; Amadeus can create objects and move objects with his magic and Pontius can perform feats of strength and fight off enemies with sword and shield.

Some of the puzzles can get a little challenging, depending on what setting you select, but overall I find both Trine and Trine 2 to be thought provoking in a relaxing and non-competitive way.

Trine 2 is even more beautiful than the first if that's even possible. The color tones and light quality are absolutely gorgeous.

If you are interested in playing Trine or Trine 2 with me during the month of December, you should be able to find them pretty cheap on multiple sources around the internet, including Steam and Good Old Games.


  1. Sounds neat. Think I'll have to give it a look.

  2. It looks visually stunning. I love the slightly neon scenes that the game looks to promise, from what you posted. I am a sucker for real neon imagery, including the old Twon Strip signage. It also looks like a pretty decent puzzle platformer and I know you don't play many crappy games, especially not when you're suggesting them, so I may well give this a shot.

    Merry Christmas Lissa! Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing and filled with Disney. =)