Torchlight - First Impressions

January 6, 2014

I am bored.

My character is about twenty levels into Torchlight and about twenty levels down and there is quite a lot of repetitive landscape, monsters and battles. So much so that I’ve even second guessed my location, thinking that I accidentally entered the same portal twice.

I do really love the pet aspect. You can choose between a dog (wolf) or cat (lynx) to accompany you into the depths. Along the way you can equip them with two rings, an amulet and two spells (which they will automatically cast). They can also carry a large quantity of items if they won’t fit in your pack and if you send them into town while you are dungeon crawling, they will sell everything in their pack and return with the gold; VERY useful.

I chose a lynx and named him Loki after my own cat to accompany my hero Melissa into the depths under Torchlight. I chose the Vanquisher class because I’ve always been intrigued by ranged combat and combined with my pet, I’ve been pretty unstoppable thusfar.

I was really excited to try out Torchlight and Torchlight II after hearing such great things about the series and I do hope it improves. I’ve never given up on a game yet, and I don’t plan on giving up on this game either, but I definitely don’t feel the urge to play it as often due to it’s repetitive nature.


  1. I did love the game when I played it back when. But your right it can be vary repetitive.

  2. I did love the game when I played it back when. But your right it can be vary repetitive.

  3. From what I can see, it really does carry a diablo-esque nature, and if that's any indication, the game is going to essentially be the same gameplay displayed with bigger and better graphics and a varying damage scale, as you advance that distracts you from the fact that it's very point-and-click.

    Is that what you'd say you experienced? With obvious and subtle differences, of course.

    I love Diablo though, for so long as I can dissuade my mind from focusing on how empty the gameplay really is. So I imagine that if my impressions are right, I may love this game.

    Good choice Lissa!

  4. I saw this on sale a while back and I'm glad I didn't buy it now lol. I do love the pet idea though. Super cute and I wish more games did the companion thing haha
    x atelier zozo

  5. *poke - poke* Hey you! Yeah you, Lissa! Whatcha doin'? It's been a while since you last checked in. Everything ok?

    Hope you are happy, having fun and in good health. Hope to see another post from you in the near future! =)